Accessing Team Pages

Team Pages

There are many ways for a team admin to login to their team page.  Team pages can be accessed through the Team Pages link or the Schedules link under Season Info.  

Please follow these steps to login to your team page from the schedule:

  1. On the public side of the website go to where the schedule or team pages are posted.
  2. Click on the division where your team is listed.
  3. At the top of the schedule is a list of teams and their standings.  Click on your team name.  Your team page will load up.
  4. Click on Team Login (top right-hand corner)
  5. If you already know your pin # then enter your email address and pin # now.  Otherwise, request your pin # from the system by clicking on the Click Here link within.  Then go back to your team page and login.
  6. Once logged into your team page you can modify your team page, apply for an upcoming tournament or league, or enter scores (if applicable)