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    Update: KSSL Suspends Play Through Sunday, May 3, 2020



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    KSSL League participants,


    Due to the circumstances around the COVID-19 virus, KSSL IS SUSPENDING GAMES THROUGH SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2020.  


    In the week leading up to that date, we will re-evaluate and let you know if we will be resuming play or suspending further.  At this point in time, these games will be considered abandoned and will not be made up.  If play resumes sooner than later, we will give all teams ample time to try to reschedule any games that were abandoned; and NO fines/fees/bonds will apply.


    Please note, our policies/decisions are subject to change based on any ongoing review of the circumstances.





    Mark Poage

    Kentucky Select Soccer League

    League Director


    Cell phone:  859-221-0502

    Club Pass Form

    Due to the KYSA registration change to Stack Sports, KSSL has adopted an exception to the current rostering rules. The new rule exception will allow teams to club pass players currently not listed on their KSSL rosters.  These players must be listed on the newly designed Club Pass form.  This form will be used for all club pass players going forward until further notice and must be emailed to your opponent and at least 24 hours before kick off.  Please see the current rules regarding player numbers allowed per game and season. 

    About Us

    The Kentucky Select Soccer League (KSSL) promotes competitive soccer, fair play, and good sportsmanship.  KSSL was formed in January 1998 at a meeting of seven (7) clubs and has grown from an initial 140 teams to over 300 teams from clubs representing Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. 

    KSSL is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that is elected by member teams.  KSSL is sanctioned by the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association.

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    Tanya Collins

    League Administrator-KSSL

    Phone: 502-548-4066

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    Kentucky Select Soccer League  
    Tanya Collins-Administrator  
    PO Box 43385  Louisville, KY  40253